Phoenix Unchained, The


Author: Lackey, Mercedes; Mallory, James
Binding: Paperback
Cover Price: 7.99
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Publisher: Tor Fantasy
Copyright Year: 2007
Publication Year: 2008
ISBN#: 0-7653-5506-X
Pages: 400
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Genre: Fantasy
Series: Enduring Flame
Series Number: 642
Condition: New
Read: ✓
Shelf: 27
Goodreads: Yes


Young Tiercel Rolfort is studying Ancient History. When his reading reveals a system of High Magic he has never heard of before, Tyr tries to cast a spell . . . and sets his bedroom on fire.

Harrier Gillain, son of the Harbormaster, has been hauling Tyr out of scrapes since he was three years old. When Tyr decides to seek help from the Elves, Harrier knows he’ll have to go along and make sure Tyr doesn’t burn down the whole forest.

Wild Mage Bisochim has discovered that the Balance between Light and Dark has shifted too far toward the Light. He chooses to return Darkness to the world—a delicate and dangerous undertaking. To the Mage’s shock, his first attempt at conjuring Darkness is thwarted. Bisochim now has not only a mission, but an Enemy.