Subtitle: A Trail of Shaman
Author: Kochert, Annie
Binding: Softback
Cover Price: 19.95
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Publisher: Spirits Talking Press
Copyright Year:
Publication Year: 2001
ISBN#: 0-9701860-0-2
LCCN#: 00106659
Pages: 400
Dewey Decimal:
LoC Classification: PS3611.O345 L56 2001


Genre: Fantasy
Series Number: 1016
Condition: New
Shelf: 10
Goodreads: Yes


An 'early man' narrative linked to the Kennewick Man, the 9,300 - 9,700 year old skeleton found in the Columbia River (WA State) in 1996. The foreward informs the reader of the connection between the Kennewick Man, the Ainu Peoples and the author's sequels...all based on archaeological and anthropological evidence. The clear-cut glossary also informs the reader of facts woven into the story. 'LINEAGE: A Trail of Shaman' is entertaining as well as educational.
Froom, the Kennewick Man, lived only 50 years, yet his bones lasted for thousands...long enough to reveal his ancestry to a world much different than his.

Before setting foot on the American Continent, he belonged to a people with a life, a culture and a past. And his past proved dark and shady.

Misled by the young shaman's spirit helper, Froom sets out to destroy the boy who he believes defiled the spirits and will soon cause the extinction of the clan.