Gods, Demigods, and Demons


Subtitle: An Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology
Author: Evslin, Bernard
Binding: Paperback
Cover Price: 1.95
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Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Copyright Year: 1975
Publication Year: 1988
ISBN#: 0-590-41448-8
Pages: 234
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Genre: Reference
Series Number: 89
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Gods, Demigods and Demons is a concise, yet wide-ranging handbook of Greek mythology that promises a vivid introduction to the great myths of ancient Greece. Here are the gods of the Olympian pantheon. Here too are the demigods, demons, heroes, and many of the best-loved (as well as lesser-known) cycles, fables and nature myths. The entries, always readable and informative, convey the significance of Greek mythology and its place at the core of Western culture. They evoke the majesty, as well as the all-too-human foibles, of the Greek deities and their acolytes. Whether they find themselves caught up by the single combat of Hector and Achilles before the looming walls of Troy; or find themselves transported, like Odysseus, by the haunting song of the Sirens; or are thrilled by the quest of Jason and his Argonauts for the fabled Golden Fleece - enthusiasts of myth and ancient history will discover many richnesses to enjoy here. Gods, Demigods and Demons is both a helpful guide and a one-stop resource that can be consulted again and again. It will prove an indispensable companion to the world of the ancient Greeks and the gods they worshipped.