In at the Death


Author: Turtledove, Harry
Binding: Softback
Cover Price: 17.00
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Publisher: Del Rey
Copyright Year: 2007
Publication Year: 2008
ISBN#: 0-345-49248-X
Pages: 640
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Genre: Alternative History
Series: Settling Accounts
Series Number: 686
Condition: New
Read: ✓
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Franklin Roosevelt is the assistant secretary of defense. Thomas Dewey is running for president with a blunt-speaking Missourian named Harry Truman at his side. Britain holds onto its desperate alliance with the USA’s worst enemy, while a holocaust unfolds in Texas. A war of secession has triggered a generation of madness. The tipping point has come at last.

The third war in sixty years, this one yet unnamed: a grinding, horrifying series of hostilities and atrocities between two nations sharing the same continent and both calling themselves Americans. At the dawn of 1944, the United States has beaten back a daredevil blitzkrieg from the Confederate States–and a terrible new genie is out of history’s bottle: a bomb that may destroy on a scale never imagined before. In Europe, the new weapon has shattered a stalemate between Germany, England, and Russia. When the trigger is pulled in America, nothing will be the same again.