Golden Globe, The


Author: Varley, John
Binding: Hardback
Cover Price:
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Publisher: Ace Books
Copyright Year: 1998
Publication Year: 1998
ISBN#: 0-441-00558-6
LCCN#: 98014612
Pages: 425
Address: New York
Dewey Decimal: 813/.54
LoC Classification: PS3572.A724 G6 1998


Genre: Science Fiction
Series Number: 791
Condition: Used
Shelf: 10
Goodreads: Yes


Sparky Valentine is a former child star turned down-on-his-luck thespian who's just reached the grand old age of 100. Not that you could tell by looking at the old ham, who for some reason never seems to age--or stay out of trouble.

Sparky's in the midst of a whirlwind theatrical tour designed to bring a bit of culture to the frozen desolation of the outer solar system when bad luck strikes in the form of a gumshoe hot on his tail. Sparky decides to skip the outer burgs for the more hospitable environs of Pluto, but things only get worse when he runs afoul of the notoriously unforgiving Charonese Mafia. As he's making his getaway, he learns something astonishing: the famous director Kaspara Polichinelli of Luna is planning a performance of King Lear, and he's short a lead to take on the title role. Sparky wires Polichinelli that he's interested, and Polichinelli tells him the part is his. Now all Sparky has to do is find a way to scrape together enough cash to get to Luna before the play starts while avoiding a seemingly unstoppable (and unkillable) Charonese hitman.