Triangulation: Lost Voices


Author: Lackey, Jamie
Binding: Softback
Cover Price: 17.00
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Publisher: Parsec Ink
Copyright Year: 2015
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN#: 0-9828606-7-6
Pages: 160
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Genre: Fantasy
Series Number: 1031
Condition: New
Shelf: 22
Goodreads: Yes


Triangulation: Lost Voices:

Experience twenty-one separate visions of what a lost voice sounds like, from a silenced voice inside your head to the screaming of a long-dead alien species careening through space. Within these pages, you'll find superheroes and ghosts, living statues and vengeful rabbits, polar bears and sailing ships.

Will you listen to our lost voices?

Edited by: Jamie Lackey
Cover art by: Benjamin Hitmar
Cover design by: Paul Stefko
With assistant editors: Kathryn Board and Jon Carroll Thomas
Production editor: Barbara Carlson

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