Author: Anderson, Poul
Binding: Hardback
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Publisher: Tor Books
Copyright Year: 1998
Publication Year: 1998
ISBN#: 0-312-86037-4
LCCN#: 98021766
Pages: 383
Address: New York
Dewey Decimal: 813/.54
LoC Classification: PS3551.N378 S727 1998


Genre: Science Fiction
Series Number: 792
Condition: Used
Shelf: 10
Goodreads: Yes


The saga begins when evidence of an advanced civilization is discovered by SETI astronomers. "Trails" observed in the sky are thought to be from starships traveling at the speed of light, an enigma that spurs scientific minds until this breakthrough is achieved by mankind as well. An expedition is then mounted and an eclectic team of scientists chosen to journey into the sector where the intelligent life is allegedly located. But because the destination of the starship, Envoy, and her crew is 60,000 light-years away, the time required to reach the point of origin of the signals and return is 120,000 years--longer than Homo sapiens has been on Earth. And though the crew is ready to face the ramifications of such a trek, no one is prepared for what awaits them at the outer edge of the cosmos--or back at the planet they once called home.