Mammoth Book of Fantasy, The


Author: Ashley, Michael
Binding: Softback
Cover Price: 11.95
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Publisher: Running Press
Copyright Year:
Publication Year: 2001
ISBN#: 0-7867-0917-0
Pages: 512
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Genre: Fantasy
Series Number: 1005
Condition: Used
Shelf: 11
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However you take your fantasy—comic, dark, heroic, or supernatural—your taste will be tantalized by this outstanding collection that brings together in one generous volume originators of this ever-popular genre like George MacDonald and Lord Dunsay; great writers from the golden age of fantasy like Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian, and J. R. R. Tolkein, who captivated readers worldwide with The Lord of the Rings; and such contemporary masters of the craft as Terry Pratchett, Michael Moorcock, David Eddings, David Gemmell, Tanith Lee, and Ursula K. LeGuin. Compiled by Mike Ashley, the esteemed editor of the popular Mammoth Comic Fantasy trilogy, this new Mammoth anthology explores the realms of the bizarre, extraordinary, and impossible in more than two dozen ingeniously fashioned tales. Among them stand such classics as Theodore Sturgeon's "Yesterday Was Monday," in which a man wakes to discover he has lost more than a Tuesday; Cleveland Moffett's "The Mysterious Card," a tale chillingly and brilliantly contrived out of opposing perceptions; and "The Wall Around the World," Theodore Cogswell's story of a young boy who masters flight in order to escape the world that has entrapped him. Offering a wide and varied selection of fantasy tales, Mike Ashley's newest anthology promises adventures, journeys, passages, and quests sure to delight readers of every type of fantasy fiction—from the ardent fans of J. R. R. Tolkein to the exuberant followers of Harry Potter.

The Wall Around the World - Theodore R. Cosgwell
Darkrose and Diamond - Ursula K. Le Guin
The Valley of the Worm - Robert E. Howard
The Golden Key - George Macdonald
The Hoard of the Gibbelins - Lord Dunsany
The Last Hieroglyph - Clark Ashton Smith
The Sorcerer Pharesm - Jack Vance
King Yvorian's Wager - Darrell Schweister
The Howling Tower - Fritz Leiber
Kings in Darkness - Michael Moorcock & James Cawthorn
The Bells of Shoredan - Roger Zelanzy
A Hero at the Gates - Tanith Lee
Lady of the Skulls - Patricia A. McKillip
The Sunlight on the Water - Louise Cooper
Paladin of the Lost Hour - Harlan Ellison
Yesterday Was Monday - Theodore Sturgeon
Pixel Pixies - Charles de Lint
The Moon Pool - A. Merritt
The Man Who Painted the Dragon Graiule - Lucius Shepard
Nets of Silver and Gold - James P. Blaylock
The Phantasm of Q______________ - Lisa Goldstein
Audience - Jack Womack
The Edge of the World - Michael Swanwick