Series Number: 269
Genre: Gay Erotica
Condition: New
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Subtitle: Lure of the Forbidden, The
Author: Patrick, John
Binding: Softback
Cover Price: 14.95
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Publisher: Starbooks/Flf
Copyright Year: 2000
Publication Year: 2000
ISBN#: 1-891855-09-3
Pages: 648
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Taboo! The Lure of the Forbidden'

The latest in editor John Patrick's popular anthologies of gay erotica has just been released: 'Taboo!' featuring provocative photography of two of STARbooks' most popular coverboys, courtesy Suntown Studios in London. Inside the book, revealing photos of these models highlight the 648 pages of the book-STARboks' biggest volume ever.

Favorite writers featured in the anthology include Peter Gilbert (author of 'Campus Confessions' from Prowler Press), Thomas C. Humphrey, William Cozad, John Butler (author of 'WanderLUST' and 'model/escort') Leo Cardini (author of 'Mineshaft Nights') and Rick Jackson, famous for his military sex tales and collections such as 'Shipmates' from Prowler Press. In addition to several short tales, Mr. Patrick has contributed a double bonus, two inter-related roman a clefs, 'Brother Love' and 'Beyond Imagining'.

This book intended for ADULTS ONLY.

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