Sword of Ice


Series Number: 50
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Valdemar
Condition: New
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Subtitle: And Other Tales of Valdemar
Author: Lackey, Mercedes; Yezeguielian, John
Binding: Paperback
Cover Price: 7.99
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Publisher: DAW
Copyright Year: 1997
Publication Year: 1997
ISBN#: 0-88677-720-8
LCCN#: 2002559214
Pages: 352
Address: New York
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LoC Classification: CPB Box no. 1787 vol. 5


Mickey Zucker Reichert, Tanya Huff, Michelle Sagara, and others present seventeen original tales set in the popular fantasy universe of Valdemar, home of the Heralds and their mysterious horse-like Companions.

Sunlancer - Philip M. Austin and Mercedes Lackey
The Demon's Den - Tanya Huff
Ironrose - Larry Dixon and Mel. White
Babysitter - Josepha Sherman
The Salamander - Richard Lee Byers
A Child's Adventures - Janni Lee Simner
Blood Ties - Stephanie D. Shaver
... Another Successful Experiment - Lawrence Schimel
Choice - Michelle West
Song of Valdemar - Kristin Schwengel
The School Up the Hill - Elisabeth Waters
Chance - Mark Shepherd
Sword of Ice - Mercedes Lackey and John Yezeguielian
In the Forest of Shadows - John Helfers
Vkandis' Own - Ben Ohlander
A Herald's Honor - Mickey Zucker Reichert
A Song For No One's Mourning - Gary A. Braunbeck
Blue Heart - Philip M. Austin and Mercedes Lackey