Real Story, The


Series Number: 411
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: The Gap Into Conflict
Condition: New
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Author: Donaldson, Stephen R.
Binding: Paperback
Cover Price: 4.99
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Publisher: Spectra
Copyright Year: 1991
Publication Year: 1992
ISBN#: 0-553-29509-8
Pages: 272
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Angus Thermopyle was an ore pirate and a murderer; even the most disreputable asteroid pilots of Delta Sector stayed locked out of his way. Those who didn't ended up in the lockup--or dead. But when Thermopyle arrived at Mallory's Bar & Sleep with a gorgeous woman by his side the regulars had to take notice. Her name was Morn Hyland, and she had been a police officer--until she met up with Thermopyle.

But one person in Mallorys Bar wasn't intimidated. Nick Succorso had his own reputation as a bold pirate and he had a sleek frigate fitted for deep space. Everyone knew that Thermopyle and Succorso were on a collision course. What nobody expected was how quickly it would be over--or how devastating victory would be. It was common enough example of rivalry and revenge--or so everyone thought. The REAL story was something entirely different.