Intimate Strangers


Series Number: 495
Genre: Gay Erotica
Condition: New
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Author: Patrick, John Merton
Binding: Softback
Cover Price: 14.95
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Publisher: Flf Pr
Copyright Year: 1998
Publication Year: 1998
ISBN#: 1-877978-94-9
LCCN#: 97065251
Pages: 576
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INTIMATE Strangers Edited by John Patrick

STARbooks Press is pleased to announce the re-release of INTIMATE Strangers

They meet in the seediest of places, and within moments they share an intimacy that can only come with extreme sexual attraction. These men hunt their prey in bars, parks, museums and even leather slave auctions. STARbooks is proud to announce the re-release of INTIMATE Strangers, which delivers as only a John Patrick anthology collection can. INTIMATE Strangers features the erotic and page-turning work of Jason Carpenter, Carter Wilson, Sonny Torvig, Tim Scully, and Rick Jackson USMC, just to name a few. Fans of John Patrick s work will not be disappointed in this exciting collection of stories about men who find intimacy with total strangers.

A huge collection of highly erotic, short and steamy one-handed tales. Perfect bedtime reading, though you probably won t get much sleep! Prepare to be shocked! Highly recommended!
Vulcan magazine

...We guarantee you that this book will last you for many, many evenings to come as you relive your youth, or fulfill your fantasies with some of the horniest, hottest and most desirable young guys in fiction.

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