Girl Who Heard Dragons, The


Series Number: 121
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: Pern
Condition: Used
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Author: McCaffrey, Anne
Binding: Paperback
Cover Price: 6.99
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Publisher: Tor Fantasy
Copyright Year: 1994
Publication Year: 1995
ISBN#: 0-8125-1099-2
LCCN#: 94000118
Pages: 416
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Anne McCaffrey's dragons are the stuff of which SF/fantasy legends are made. All of her dragon books for many years have been national bestsellers. She is one of the most popular writers ever in fantasy and science fiction.

"The Girl Who Heard Dragons" is the story of Aramina, a teenage girl of Pern who hears dragons - a skill which does not seem likely to help solve her family's problems. They are "holdless," and must constantly roam the land, trying to hide from bandits. Aramina's mother fears losing her daughter completely to the life of a dragonrider, but McCaffrey has another fate in mind for her young heroine.

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