Even Our Fantasies


Series Number: 264
Genre: Gay Fantasy
Condition: New
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Subtitle: Compendium of Gay Erotica
Author: Bronski, Michael
Binding: Softback
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Publisher: Turnaround Books
Copyright Year: 1997
Publication Year: 1998
ISBN#: 1-873262-06-X
Pages: 566
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Pornography: The Explication of the Pleasure Principle - Michael Bronski
The Gay Adventures of Captain Goose - Larry Townsend
Christmas Gift - Dylan Gamble
Ambidextrous - Felice Picano
The Faustus Contract - Larry Townsend
Elliott - Sloan Ryder
F Train - Cory Jackson
Man Sword - Larry Townsend
Mark of the Wolf - Derek Adams
Rent-Boy - Byron Esmond
Run No More - Larry Townsend
Mr. Benson - John Preston
Chains - Larry Townsend
A Secret Life - Anonymous
Hustling: a Gentleman's Guide to the Fine Art of Homosexual Prostitution - John Preston
Mind Master - Larry Townsend
Sins of the Cities of the Plain - Anonymous
The Mad Man - Samuel R. Delany
The Leatherman's Handbook - Larry Townsend
Peter Thornwell - Torsten Barring
The Scarlet Pansy - Anonymous
Solidly Built - Matt Townsend
The Mission of Alex Kane: Golden Years - John Preston
Skipper - Paris Kincaid
Roadie - Michael Chelsea
Tour Guide - Thom Spencer
The Construction Worker - Larry Townsend
Guy Traynor - Torsten Barring
Leather Aid: S - Larry Townsend
Islands of Desire - Peter Heister
Miles Diamond and the Demon of Death - Derek Adams
Kiss of Leather - Larry Townsend
Reunion in Florence - Sonny Ford
The Initiation of PB 500 - Kyle Stone
Beware the God Who Smiles - Larry Townsend
Slave Prince - Vince Gilman
Rituals - Kyle Stone