Celtic Myth & Magick


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Subtitle: Harness the Power of the Gods and Goddesses
Author: McCoy, Edain
Binding: Softback
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Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Copyright Year: 2003
Publication Year: 2002
ISBN#: 1-56718-661-0
LCCN#: 95001369
Pages: 464
Address: St. Paul, Minn., U.S.A
Dewey Decimal: 299/.16
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Although there are many different Pagan traditions, in the West, one of the most popular and widely-practiced traditions is that of the ancient Celts. Indeed, some would argue that the ancient Celtic system was the source for modern Wicca and Witchcraft. Finally, Edain McCoy has brought together all of the various bits of information on this culture into one of the most important books of Celtic lore ever, Celtic Myth & Magick.

Here you will find all of the important pieces of information which can unite your knowledge into a clear and complete tradition. Just look at what is included:

- A dictionary of over 325 Celtic Goddesses and heroines, including information about their myths, uses in magick and correspondences
- A dictionary of over 400 Celtic Gods and Heroes, also including information about their myths, uses in magick, and correspondences
- A huge cross-referenced list of the deities
- A listing of resources and suppliers - A massive bibliography for further study
- An introduction to almost fifty Pagan traditions directly related to the ancient Celts
- The rituals tools used by Celtic Pagans and their attributions
- The Celtic Wheel of the year, its festivals and celebrations

But this only scratches the surface of what's in Celtic Myth & Magick. You will also learn what to do with this information. You will learn how to use the deities and spiritual ideas to make magick in your life. This includes such things as spells for healing, safety, love, and money. It shows you how to do evocations and invocations. You will discover how to do guided meditations — pathworking — in order to find more information on your own. And you'll learn how to create your own pathworkings, spells, and rituals and even how to pick your Craft name.

Never has so much information on the Celts been found in one book. If you are involved in Paganism or simply want to know more about the ancient Celts, this book is a must.