Buying Guide 2008


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Author: Reports, The Editors of Consumer
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Publisher: Consumer Reports
Copyright Year: 2008
Publication Year: 2007
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Pages: 360
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If you are in the market for just about anything, from a new coffeemaker to a new computer to a new car – The Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2008 is your one-stop portable reference source for making intelligent, money saving purchases for all home buying needs. Consumer Reports has done the homework for you by testing hundreds of brand-name products to come up with the Best Buys for 2008, along with the best buying advice on the market. If you have asked yourself -- “Is this the right product for me? Will I get my money’s worth in this product? Which brand is the best for me?” -- let Consumer Reports expert buying advice and Ratings steer you in the right direction.

Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2008 tells you what manufacturers can’t tell you – based on a full year’s worth of Consumer Reports testing. This compact reference guide contains over 900 brand-name product ratings along with invaluable information on what products are available, important features, latest trends and expert advice on:

Home office equipment
Digital cameras and camcorders
Home entertainment
Cellular Phones
Home and yard products
Gas grills
Air conditioners
Kitchen appliances
Bath and Laundry products
Vacuum cleaners and washing machine
Cars, minivans, pickups and SUV’s
…And so much more!

From refrigerators to home theater systems, mattresses to microwave ovens, Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2008 will make you a smarter shopper, and will ultimately pay off in valuable product knowledge, time saved, and perhaps money saved too!.