Fifteen He Was


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Genre: Autobiography
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Subtitle: As He Went to War
Author: Tautz, Rudi
Binding: Softback
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Publisher: PublishAmerica
Copyright Year: 2005
Publication Year: 2005
ISBN#: 1-41379-503-X
Pages: 225
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Certain people in my family—and I’m not going to point any fingers—have been saying for many years that I should write my story. Finally I agreed but said I will call it My Fibiography. This book is fiction—I think—because, at my age, my memory has lost much accuracy. Plus, I don’t want to get any phone calls from lawyers. It’s full of happenings that I found very interesting in my life. More importantly, it’s full of examples of how helpful other people can be—even when you least expect it. All my life I have found mentors just waiting to help me. All I had to do is say, “Yes, I’d like to have your help.” I think it is probably true that everybody has mentors all around them. So all we have to do is wake up, take note and say, “Yes.” I’ve always found people interesting. I would walk up to somebody and say, “Tell me about yourself. I’ll bet you are a very interesting person.” I found that people were very anxious to tell me about themselves—and to tell me their stories. Many of these stories were so very interesting.