Confessions and Diaries of a New York Veteran of the Greenwich Village Stonewall Inn Raid of June 28, 1969, The


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Subtitle: Souvenirs
Author: Brown, Scott G.
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The Confessions and Diaries of a New York Veteran of the Stonewall Inn Raid of June 28, 1969 is a true story which chronicles the life of one of the oldest survival of the historic raid and riots at this Gay Dancing Bar Forty-two years ago. This was the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement, and the Gay Revolution when Gays resisted Police arrests and assaults. A year later, Gay Demonstrators celebrated the anniversary of the riots with the first Gay Pride March by, openly, walking from Greenwich Village to the Sheep Meadows in Central Park. The founders of the Gay Liberation Front and the LGBT Communities united to sponsored a Gay Rights Parade annually in June to commemorate this momentous event. This was the first instance in American History when people in the homosexual community fought back against a governmental system that persecuted the Gay minorities, who have since become the defining force behind this event and, who is credited for the beginning of the Gay Uprising and Revolution in the United States and around the World.