Scourge of God, The


Author: Stirling, S. M.
Binding: Paperback
Cover Price: 7.99
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Publisher: Roc
Copyright Year: 2008
Publication Year: 2009
ISBN#: 0-451-46266-1
Pages: 528
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Genre: Alternative History
Series: Emberverse
Series Number: 803
Condition: New
Read: ✓
Shelf: 20
Goodreads: Yes


Rudi Mackenzie - son and heir of the High Priestess Juniper Mackenzie and the Bear Lord Mike Havel - continues his trek across the land that once was the United States of America. His destination: Nantucket, where he hopes to learn the truth behind the Change, which rendered technology around the globe inoperable. Dreams, visions, and the accounts of those who dared to set foot on the island hint at forces beyond comprehension...and with the competing agendas for the future of the human race.

During his travels, Rudi forges ties with new allies in the continuing war against the Prophet. Presiding over his flock, the Church Universal and Triumphant, the Prophet teaches his followers as he has been taught: God has punished humanity by destroying technological civilization. Now, the Prophet's Cutters perform the "holy task" of destroying any technological remnants they come across, and those who dare use them.

But one fanatical officer of the Sword of the Prophet has an ever greater mission: to stop Rudi from reaching Nantucket - by any means necessary.