Sundered, The


Subtitle: Lost Era 2298, The
Author: Martin, Michael A.
Binding: Paperback
Cover Price: 6.99
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Publisher: Pocket Books
Copyright Year: 2003
Publication Year: 2003
ISBN#: 0-7434-6401-X
LCCN#: 2004572576
Pages: 387
Address: New York
Dewey Decimal: 0
LoC Classification: CPB Box no. 2125 vol. 14


Genre: Star Trek Fiction
Series: ST: The Lost Era
Series Number: 1112
Condition: Used
Shelf: 6
Goodreads: Yes


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Nearly a decade after Captain Kirk vanished, his protege, Captain Hiraku Sulu of the USS Excelsior, leads a dangerous mission into uncharted political waters. Unprecedented peace talks with the violently xenophobic Tholian Assembly trigger a deadly confrontation aboard the Excelsior. Now Sulu and his crew - including Chekov, Rand, Chapel, Tuvok, and Akaar - are thrust into an unexpected conflict between the Tholians and a mysterious new enemy, the Neyel...whose origins, if revealed, could lead to war with Earth itself. As the Tholians weave a web of vengeance, the Excelsior is flung beyond the galaxy and the crew discovers the hidden truth about the alien Neyel, forcing Sulu to question where his responsibilities lie - with the fragile peace he must preserve, or with the victims of his own world's tragic past.