Western Heritage, The


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Subtitle: Volume II, Since 1648
Author: Kagan, Donald; Ozment, Steven E.; Turner, Frank M.
Binding: Softback
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Publisher: Macmillan Pub Co
Copyright Year: 1987
Publication Year: 1980
ISBN#: 0-02-363220-8
LCCN#: 86005224
Pages: 680
Address: New York
Dewey Decimal: 909/.09821
LoC Classification: CB245 .K28 1987b


This concise, full-color survey of Western civilization provides an exceptionally balanced survey of the political, social, and cultural development of Western civilization--its strengths and weaknesses, and the controversies surrounding it. Covers the major eras of Western civilization from England and France in the 17th century to the Cold War and the emergence of the New Europe. Focuses on several critical themes--1) the development of political freedom, constitutional government, and concern for the rule of law and individual rights; 2) the shifting relations among religion, society, and the state; 3) the development of science and technology and their expanding impact on thought, social institutions, and everyday life; 4) the major religious and intellectual currents that have shaped Western culture. For anyone interested in Western Civilization and European History.