Out of the Cocoon


Series Number: 883
Genre: Star Trek Fiction
Series: ST: S.C.E.
Condition: New
Shelf: 2
Goodreads: Yes


Author: Leisner, William; Killiany, Kevin; Weldon, Phaedra M.; Jeschonek, Robert T.
Binding: Softback
Cover Price: 16.00
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Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek
Copyright Year: 2005
Publication Year: 2010
ISBN#: 1-43914-842-2
LCCN#: 2011280980
Pages: 560
Address: New York
Dewey Decimal:
LoC Classification: MLCS 2013/45534 (P)


When something in the galaxy needs to be fixed, tweaked, investigated, or repaired, the Federation sends in the best: the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Traveling throughout the quadrant on the Sabre-class U.S.S. da Vinci, Captain David Gold, former Starship Enterprise™ engineer Commander Sonya Gomez, and the crack S.C.E. team solve the problems of the galaxy, one disaster at a time.

Whether dealing with the legacy of Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s decision regarding the Mariposa colony, stopping an alien predator from destroying a pre-warp culture, fixing a planet-wide power outage, or repairing the damage done by the Dominion to a former ally, the Corps of Engineers is on the case!

But not all problems are technical: Dr. Elizabeth Lense deals with the consequences of her unexpected pregnancy, Security Chief Domenica Corsi encounters a Prime Directive crisis, Dr. Bart Faulwell faces a personal crossroads, and Chief Vance Hawkins must try to lay the ghosts of the Dominion War to rest.

Out of the Cocoon - William Leisner
Honor - Kevin Killiany
Blackout - Phaedra M. Weldon
The Cleanup - Robert T. Jeschonek