Green Man Tree Oracle, The


Series Number: 647
Genre: Pagan
Condition: New
Shelf: 40
Goodreads: Yes


Subtitle: Ancient Wisdom From the Spirit of Nature
Author: Matthews, John; Worthington, Will
Binding: Softback
Cover Price: 14.95
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Publisher: Connections Book Publishing Lt
Copyright Year: 2003
Publication Year: 2008
ISBN#: 1-43510-979-1
Pages: 144
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LET THE GREEN MAN BE YOUR GUIDE - The Green Man is an ancient and popular icon of the natural world - the very spirit of nature. Here in this pack, his tree wisdom and Celtic Ogam tree alphabet combine to bring you an oracle of great power. In this new edition, the Green Man himself is now present in the form of a beautiful foliate head to display inside or outside your home. The 25 stunning tree oracle cards are depict each of the trees that make up the ancient Celtic alphabet. The Green Man is present in every image - sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden - inviting you to enter his world. In the accompanying book, you will discover tree lore, myths and symbolism, and you will learn the innermost meaning of each card, and how this age-old knowledge can guide your life today. The book now includes an extra practical chapter plus an extensive international gazetteer to help you discover the Green Man wherever you roam.