Collected What If?, The


Series Number: 725
Genre: Alternative History
Condition: New
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Subtitle: Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been
Author: Ambrose, Stephen E.; Carr, Caleb; McCullough, David; Lukas, John; Keegan, John; Bradley, James; Holland, Cecelia; Horne, Alistair; McNeill, William H.
Binding: Hardback
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Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Copyright Year: 1999
Publication Year: 2006
ISBN#: 0-399-15238-5
Pages: 827
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Includes the complete text of What if? and What if? 2.

Infectious alternatives / William H. McNeill
No glory that was Greece / Victor Davis Hanson
Conquest denied / Josiah Ober
Furor Teutonicus: The Teutoburg Forest, A.D. 9 / Lewis H. Lapham
The dark ages made lighter / Barry S. Strauss
The death that saved Europe / Cecelia Holland
If only it had not been such a wet summer / Theodore K. Rabb
The immolation of Hernan Cortes / Ross Hassig
The repulse of the English fireships / Geoffrey Parker
Unlikely victory / Thomas Fleming
What the fog wrought / Dvid McCullough
Ruler of the world / Alistair Horne
If the lost order hadn't been lost / James M. McPherson
A confederate cannae and other scenarios / Stephen W. Sears
The what ifs of 1914 / Robert Cowley
How Hitler could have won the war / John Keegan
Our Midway disaster / Theodore F. Cook
D Day fails / Stephen E. Ambrose
Funeral in Berlin / David Clay Large
China without tears / Arthur Waldron
Socrates dies at Delium, 424 B.C. / Victor Davis Hanson
Not by a nose / Josiah Ober
Pontius Pilate spares Jesus / Carlos M. N. Eire
Repulse at Hastings, October 14, 1066 / Cecelia Holland
The Chinese discovery of the New World, 15th century / Theodore F. Cook
Martin Luther burns at the stake, 1521 / Geoffrey Parker
If Charles I had not left Whitehall, August 1641 / Theodore K. Rabb
Napoleon's invasion of North America / Thomas Fleming
If Lincoln had not freed the slaves / Tom Wicker
France turns the other cheek, July 1870 / Alistair Horne
The election of Theodore Roosevelt, 1912 / John Lukacs
The Great War torpedoed / Robert L. O'Connell
No Finland station / George Feifer
The luck of Franklin Delano Roosevelt / Geoffrey C. Ward
The War of 1938 / Williamson Murray
Prime Minister Halifax / Andrew Roberts
The boys who saved Australia, 1942 / James Bradley
Enigma uncracked / David Kahn
Pius XII protests the Holocaust / Robert Katz
VE Day - November 11, 1944 / Caleb Carr
The Fuhrer in the dock / Roger Spiller
No bomb : no end / Richard B. Frank
The presidency of Henry Wallace / James Chace
A tale of three congressmen, 1948 / Lance Morrow
What if Pizarro had not found potatoes in Peru? / William H. McNeill.