American Foreign Policy


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Subtitle: Opposing Viewpoints
Author: Wekesser, Carol; Bender, David A.; Leone, Bruno
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Publisher: Greenhaven Press
Copyright Year: 1993
Publication Year: 1993
ISBN#: 0-89908-199-1
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Pages: 239
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What should be the goal of U.S. foreign policy? -- How should the U.S. deal with its allies? -- Is U.S. intervention in other countries justified? -- What are the effects of U.S. foreign aid? -- How should the U.S. deal with the former Soviet Republics?

The U.S. must lead the world / Richard Nixon
The U.S. should resist becoming the world's leader / Robert W. Tucker & David C. Hendrickson
Domestic affairs must take precedence over foreign policy / Patrick J. Buchanan
Foreign policy must remain a U.S. priority / Richard J. Barnet & John Cavanaugh
The U.S. should promote democracy throughout the world / Joshua Muravchik
The U.S. should not force democracy upon other nations / Russell Kirk
The U.S. should continue to support NATO / Gary L. Geipel
The U.S. should withdraw from NATO / John F. McManus
The U.S. should decrease its ties to Israel / Sheldon L. Richman
The U.S. should strengthen its ties to Israel / William R. Van Cleave
The U.S. should end its military alliance with Japan / Joseph Gerson
The U.S. should maintain its military alliance with Japan / Seth Cropsey
U.S. intervention is sometimes justified / James Robbin
Intervention harms the U.S. / Alan Tonelson
The Gulf War proves that intervention is justified / James Turner Johnso
The Gulf War proves that intervention is harmful / Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
U.S. foreign aid benefits other nations / U.S. Agency for International Development
U.S. foreign aid harms other nations / Peter Bauer & Anthony Daniels
Foreign aid benefits the United States / Richard Bissell
Foreign aid harms the United States / Robert W. Lee
The U.S. should aid the former Soviet republics / Bill Clinton
The U.S. should not aid the former Soviet republics / Dennis DeConcini & Robert C. Byrd
U.S. aid will strengthen the republics' economies / James L. Hecht
U.S. aid may not strengthen the republics' economies / Nicholas Eberstadt
U.S. aid would reduce Russia's military threat / James A. Baker
U.S. aid will not reduce Russia's military threat / Christopher Cox & Jack Wheeler
The U.S. should form a military alliance with Russia / Fred Charles Iklé
The U.S. should not form a military alliance with Russia / Robert W. Lee.