This is the landing page for the various ways to search my library of books. While this is not a real flashy page, it does what it is supposed to do :)

You can search by the following:

Author Binding Genre Series Shelf Title

I added some reports pages to see how they work out.. be aware that the images report is a tad large...

Column Report
Books read/Unread
Image List
Loans Report

I also have a page (here) to show what books I need to finish out the various series that I have. Please note that this page is a work-in-progress and may be out-dated.

I also have a page that lists the books I need to fill out or complete the various series I have. That page is here.

For this page I use Tellico to create and control by books database since it gives me everything I need done including getting descriptions and pictures of the books (mostly). It also allows me to add fields to the database so that I can get the info that I want and can sort by what I want. Unfortunately for you Windows users this is a *nix-only application that requires KDE (and no, it doesn't run in the KDE4Windows application, I tried).

Created with Tellico on a desktop running Linux Mint 18.1 and hosted on a CentOS server... all done by a Windows admin....

Collections manager for KDE 4.x

Linux Mint 17

CentOS Server

Email me as needed, but please note that no books are for sale. :) My address will open in your default mail client when you click here

This page revised on 2-19-2018 (new location).